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Remote Counsel Announces Partnership with Stevens-Koenig Reporting

[fa icon="calendar"] May 5, 2015 12:02:12 PM / by Emily Barnhill

(Full press release also available on PR Web)

Atlanta, GA, April 29, 2015 - Remote Counsel, the leading provider of remote participation solutions for legal events, proudly announces a partnership with Stevens-Koenig Reporting, which will enable the firm to manage and deliver all aspects of remote participation for viewing depositions, trials, and other legal events on Remote Counsel’s Intermediate subscription package.

Stevens-Koenig Reporting was named one of the Top Ten Fastest Growing Private Companies in their division in the Denver Business Journal. They pride themselves on providing verbatim court reporting transcripts quickly and efficiently, with a personalized customer experience. Stevens-Koenig Reporting will leverage Remote Counsel software, services, and support throughout their workflow.

“Partnering with Remote Counsel ensures that we will remain a force in the Denver court reporting industry,” said Judy Stevens, owner and president of Stevens-Koenig Reporting. “Offering our clients a comprehensive platform that includes Cameo II and all of the services they require guarantees that we stay in demand and valuable. We are avid attendees of their Remote Counsel University courses and appreciate their position as a partner to court reporters, not just a vendor.”

Included in the Intermediate package are all elements of the Remote Counsel Case Management Platform and Cameo II service, including event scheduling and management, event notifications, comprehensive access options for participants in depositions and other events, group chat, and access to the best videoconference rooms for legal events.

“The Intermediate package is perfect for a firm like Stevens-Koenig Reporting,” said Andrew Feinberg, CEO of Courtroom Connect, Remote Counsel’s parent company. “It provides them with an all-encompassing package and includes the products they need to remain successful, including Cameo II. We are very proud to be partnering with them and look forward to expanding our business relationship in the future.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Stevens-Koenig Reporting will use the Remote Counsel platform with complete, end-to-end support from Remote Counsel’s award winning customer experience team.

About Remote Counsel: 
Remote Counsel provides the most comprehensive legal technology platform in the industry. Since 1996, Remote Counsel’s products and services have been used by hundreds of court reporters and other litigation service providers to allow for remote participation in depositions, courtroom proceedings, jury research, and other legal events. Remote Counsel, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, is a division of Courtroom Connect. Courtroom Connect creates technology solutions and online platforms for legal and financial professionals, focusing on expanding access to legal events. Learn more at http://www.remotecounsel.com.

About Stevens-Koenig Reporting: 
Stevens-Koenig Reporting, named one of the Top Ten Fastest Growing Private Companies in their division in the Denver Business Journal, provides a vast amount of services throughout the country. They offer professional services for several categories of depositions, realtime reporting, arbitrations, board meetings, videotaping, exhibit maintenance, video and deposition streaming, e-transcripts, and more. Learn more at http://www.skreporting.com/.

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Emily Barnhill

Written by Emily Barnhill

Emily Barnhill is a Marketing Manager at Courtroom Connect.