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NEW Text and Video Streaming Platform from Remote Counsel

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 15, 2015 12:48:40 PM / by Emily Barnhill

At Remote Counsel, we strive to provide our partners with the very best technology services that enable you to remain successful and profitable. That is why we have updated our text and video streaming format to ensure that you’re getting the most out of what you’re paying for.

Previously, Remote Counsel has always supported Windows Media Player for our streaming services. However, Microsoft recently announced that they will no longer support the Windows Media Player – most likely by the end of the year – which presented a fantastic opportunity for Remote Counsel!

We did some extensive research, and developed what we consider to be the best streaming technology available on the market through MPEG.

Our new format provides some amazing new features, and adds a huge amount of flexibility and quality. Text and video streaming through Remote Counsel is now supported across all platforms and all browsers – including Macs and smartphones – and you no longer have to download a plugin to access the service.

And here’s the best part. This new and improved format won’t negatively impact the end user in any way. Your workflow will remain the same, but the experience will be vastly improved.

So what does this mean for you? If you already have a subscription with us, we’ll be in touch to talk you through the process. You’re more than welcome to continue using our old streaming platform – just know that certain risks are associated with using an unsupported format.

If you haven’t streamed with us before, contact us! We would love to show you a demo of the new format.

Fill out the form on the page below and you’ll receive one free streaming event!

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Emily Barnhill

Written by Emily Barnhill

Emily Barnhill is a Marketing Manager at Courtroom Connect.