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Make Text Streaming the Star of Your Next Deposition

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 12, 2015 10:25:00 AM / by Emily Barnhill


As technology continues to proliferate the court reporting market, more and more attorneys prefer to attend depositions remotely to save money, time, and convenience. With this proliferation comes new responsibilities – and challenges – for court reporters to satisfy their clients.

Figuring out the best solution for clients that want to attend a deposition remotely is the first step. You should initially ask whether they want to be an active or a passive participant, so you can determine what solution best fits their needs.

If they want to be an active participant, suggest videoconferencing. If they want to be a passive participant, you have several options – one being text streaming.

What is Text Streaming?

Text streaming is the concept of streaming text from a deposition or trial over the internet to a remote location, or even in the same room – think of it along the same lines as closed captioning.

Attorneys and other participants will be able to follow along on a transcript without having to worry about the inconvenience and cost of travel.

Remote Counsel’s text streaming makes it easy for your clients to access and watch live text feeds. Simply go to our website, login, and you can be watching a live event in seconds.

Additionally, Remote Counsel can output to any realtime software product, including LiveNote, CaseViewNet, Eclipse, digitalCAT, and more.


Do I Have to Stream Text Over the Internet?

No! With Remote Counsel’s new CAT Shuttle Local, you can stream text in local realtime – no internet connection is required.

After purchasing a license from Remote Counsel, you will be able to stream text to your LAN or Wi-Fi network and give access to anyone you want. The best part? No additional software needs to be installed. As long as the attorney is on the same network as you, all they need is an IP address!

Because you buy the license from us and pay a minimal monthly fee, you can charge attorneys and other litigation team members as much as you want to access the feed. Many of our members monitor this by password-protecting their network. That way, no one will be able to access the text feed without your knowledge.

Interested in learning more about text streaming and CAT Shuttle Local? Click below!

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Emily Barnhill

Written by Emily Barnhill

Emily Barnhill is a Marketing Manager at Courtroom Connect.